Last Minute DIY Gift Wrap

Last Minute DIY Gift Wrap
  1. What kind of paper is wrapping paper?
  2. How do I package a small gift?

What kind of paper is wrapping paper?

Wrapping paper begins with paper that is produced in special mills from wood pulp. The pulp is usually made from trees classified as softwoods; for gift wrap, the pulp is bleached, but other papers like the material called kraft wrapping (familiar as grocery store bags) is made of unbleached pulp.

How do I package a small gift?

Step 1: Wrap the gift with regular wrapping paper and Gift Wrap Tape. Step 2: Add Double Sided Tape to either side of the folded honeycomb (even if there is already adhesive, I add extra tape to keep it in place.) Step 3: Place directly onto the top center of your gift and press down to seal.

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